Wednesday, December 13, 2006 send a message to their subscribers have sent a message to all of thier members asking them to support Cynthia McKinney and keep up the campaign.

They are working on putting an advert in the New York Times to highlight the impeachment process.

Here is the message,
Help put "Impeach Bush" on the agenda for the new Congress
Rep. Cynthia McKinney introduces impeachment resolution

Dear ,

As Bush scrambles to convince the American people that his fantasy of "victory" is within reach, the number of Iraqis and U.S. soldiers killed continues to soar. With each death, the calls for Impeachment are growing louder and louder.

As the new Congress takes office on January 4th, we must send a clear and powerful message: there can be no more excuses from the Democrats for their failure to adhere to the Constitution -- for their failure to introduce Articles of Impeachment. They have no right to take the law of the land "off the table." Bush and his cronies have violated the law, lied to the people of the United States and committed high crimes and misdemeanors. There is no question about it. The Constitution requires that action be taken.

Here at, we are prepared to have the impeachment movement hit the ground running when the new Congress returns to Washington in January. Throughout the country, supporters of impeachment are redoubling their efforts at outreach and making plans to bring the greatest pressure to bear on the new representatives. In the last four years, we have worked together to build a powerful movement. The time for impeachment has now come.

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in the New York Times

We want to thank all of you who have provided feedback and discussion about the strategy in the months ahead. has decided to begin placing the next New York Times ad and other newspaper ads in the period between January 3 and Bush's State of the Union address. This is when the ads will have their greatest impact. We need your help to place these ads. Please make a critically needed donation right now.

On January 4, the message of impeachment will resonate throughout Washington. On the very first day of congress, impeachment supporters will be demonstrating, lobbying, and organizing rallies and forums. Be sure to check your email for upcoming announcements.

Because of the hard work of volunteers and the generosity of donors, the ImpeachBush movement has reached ever larger numbers of people. More than 808,000 have now voted to impeach. We can reach the million mark with everyone encouraging their family, friends, and neighbors to vote at

This movement has become a powerful force and we need to bring that power, and this simple Constitutional demand, to bear in full force. Please help with this effort by making a donation today. Get your friends and family to sign the impeachment demand by clicking here.

As her outgoing act as a Congressional representative, Cynthia McKinney announced a resolution in support of Impeachment against President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary of State Rice. The new Congress must take up this challenge. It is their duty. Her remarks are below.

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